Astonishing Stone Front Entrance Walls that Suit Your Property

21 February 2020

Home entrances usually give a long-lasting impression not only to your neighbours and visitors but also to your family. Some enhancements that you can do with your property entrance include lovely walkways, mouldings, columns, landscape lighting, and many more. However, one of the most sought out enhancements on a property entrance is stone front entrance walls.

The stone front entrance walls have been the go-to design of property owners who want to prioritise both functionality and personality. Entrance walls can heavily mark your property boundary, just like what fences would normally do. Personality is also engraved with your stone front entrance walls since the design will purely rely on your preference.

When constructing a stone wall for your front entrance, there are a ton of design options that you can choose from.

Low Wall

Property owners who are still open to showcase their homes to the neighbourhood and visitors can construct low stone front entrance walls. This type of stone wall is most suitable for properties that are already well-equipped with security features. Moreover, low stone walls are constructed to primarily add a visual design to the overall entrance of a property.

Rock Wall

Veering away from a planned and uniform way of construction, rock walls are designed to achieve a less formal structure. Large stones are stacked on top of each other, while the gaps between these stones are filled with small stones. Some rock walls even intentionally leave these gaps open, which can be a place for trees, flowers, and plants. A huge opening between these rocks can also be converted into informal or secondary entrances to your property.

Brick Wall

One classic material that is normally used in stone walls is brick. Brick walls can still be used today since they provide a solid structure and great height dimension according to your preference. Plus, this type of wall can readily match the style of the design of your property. As a property owner, you have the liberty to choose the finish, size, and colour of your brick wall.

Undulating Wall

If you want a stone wall design that is classy, elegant, and beautiful, then you may want to try an undulating wall. This type of wall may contain a curvy design that can be used to install some greenery and flowers. The whole wall is made out of rough stones, cement blocks, traditional masonry materials, and your preferred plants and followers that can make your entrance feel connected to nature.

Front Garden Wall

Another option for garden lovers out there is the front garden wall. This type of wall only needs a simple stone wall where climbing plants can grow and blossom through time. If you are adept with gardening skills, then this wall can give you enough space to customise and design your plants’ structure and formation across your wall. You can also add wall planters and vertical garden pots to enhance your beloved wall.

Your stone front entrance wall can be astonishing as long as it follows your preferred design and built quality. After all, you will be consulted with whatever design that you want with your wall. To finally make your stone front entrance wall happen, then you can call us now at AM Stonemasons.

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