Australian Bluestone Properties and What Makes This Stone Ideal for Paving Projects

16 October 2019

Bluestone is not a geological term but refers to a group of rocks that contain a blue-grey colouring. The composition of this stone depends upon where it is quarried. In the Australian area, bluestone is made up of primarily basalt. It comes in a natural texture as well as customised ones. While it has numerous uses, we are here to discuss its characteristics, and why it is ideal for paving projects.

The Basic Characteristics of Australian Bluestone that Make It Ideal for Paving Projects

1. Since the origin of the bluestone in Australia is volcanic rock formations, it is a highly compressed stone, which gives it superior strength. As a result, it can stand up durably to daily foot traffic as well as exposure to various weather conditions, pool water and more. Due to this fact, you can use it for both interior and exterior paving projects.

2. It can range for medium blue-grey to dark blue-grey in colour and may have a variation of shades throughout it. All of its many shades are neutral in nature and helps this stone complement many home interior-design schemes.

3. Versatility is another characteristic of this stone that makes it suitable for paving projects. It comes in the following finishes to illustrate this point:

• Natural is bluestone in split form for cobbles for pathways and driveways
• Sawn is as it sounds. The bluestone is cut with a saw into various sizes. This finish makes it more slip-resistant.
• Honed provides a velvety appearance to this stone.
• Sandblasted is a rough, fine texture.
• Flamed is a scalloped texture that offers additional traction for safe walking.
• Brushed is a soft, elegant finish.

4. Bluestone is cost-effective since its manufacturing process is a low-input one.

5. Similar to other stone options, it provides a natural, earthy touch to any area where it is installed as paving.

6. Low porosity is an additional characteristic of this stone. Because it does not absorb moisture easily, it is stain-resistant against such things as coffee, wine and other types of spills. Because of this level of stain-resistance, you can pave the floor of your outdoor or indoor kitchen with bluestone.

7. While sealing bluestone is not mandatory for it to perform durably in all situations, it is recommended in high risk areas, such as kitchens and pool areas for extra protection. It will just reduce the chance of issues and makes it easier to clean.

To learn additional characteristics of Australian bluestone, and why this stone is ideal for paving projects, consult with AM Stonemasons. Our company specialises in numerous types of stone features that range from paving to houses. Also, our main stone types are bluestone, sandstone, granite and limestone.

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