Beautify Your Home’s Front Entrance: Hire Professional Stone Masonry and Stonework Service Providers

13 December 2019

Your backyard can give your neighbours a good look of what’s inside your home. However, one more significant aspect of your home is the front entrance, since this is the path where people walk before entering your home. Entrances are the best way to give your relatives, friends, and neighbour a good impression of your home as a whole.

Your home’s front entrance serves as a sneak peek on what’s waiting for your guests. Even your own family will be delighted to go home every time they walk right outside the main door. With that being said, it is important that you give importance to the following vital aspects of your home’s front entrance. Enhanced through professional stone masonry and stonework, these aspects can significantly improve your home’s front entrance design.


The elegance and impact of pillars from ancient architecture have paved the way for their inclusion even in contemporary times. Adding pillars to your home’s front entrance can increase the elegance of your home by a hundred times. They can be built alongside your driveway or walkway, and even house your mailbox or set of lanterns.

Relying on the existing architecture of your home, these pillars can have the same design elements and be made from block, natural stone, manufactured stone, or real stone. As a reference, pillars made from block are the cheapest compared to other materials, while natural stone pillars are the most expensive among them.


The elegance of your pillars is best complemented with your ever-reliable porch. Masonry porches are way better than plain wood porches, so stick to your masonry option and expand its services from your pillars down to your porch. This way, your masonry porch can give your home front’s entrance a historical vibe that will certainly mesmerise your guests as well as your family.

Again, it is best for you to stick with the design element and even the stones used for your porch. If your home is built out of natural stone, then this very same material must also be used for your porch out of uniformity. However, some stones may be difficult to find since some of them may not be available anymore once you decide to build or upgrade your porch.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of your home’s front entrance would be your driveway pavers. Your driveway pavers will instantly boost the style and elegance of your home entrance as well as your whole home itself. These pavers may be made out of concrete and cobblestone since these materials can be retrofitted to any type of patterns, designs, and colours that you want. They can even create striking accent borders and medallions all over the place.

Driveway pavers are made without sacrificing load-bearing capacities, permeability, and water retention capabilities, which make them the most requested part when engaged to masonry services. The materials mentioned for building driveway pavers make sure that they won’t crack, shift, or settle under normal vehicle and foot traffic. They also don’t crack from freezing and thawing.

Aside from pillars, porches, and driveways, you can also maximise the services from your professional stone masonry by creating steps, seating walls, and planters out of natural stone. If you want to know more about how stone masonry can improve your home’s front entrance, just contact us at AM Stonemasons. We can assist and provide you the best stone masonry services for your home.

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