Benefits and Uses of Sandstone

15 July 2015

If you adore a rustic and authentic look then you might want to consider using sandstone for a natural ambiance. In fact, sandstone has been used for various home applications since ancient times. This is because it is very durable and easy to work with. In addition, sandstone has some remarkable aesthetic features. As a matter of fact, sandstone has a world of benefits that make it an easy choice for home building and renovations. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Is renowned for their durability and strength
  • Comes in a huge variety of shapes, designs and forms
  • Is suitable for both residential and commercial applications
  • Neutral tones radiate heat during winter and are cool in summer
  • Comes in a wide array of colors making it easy to match existing décor
  • Requires minimal maintenance and is easy to replace if they get damaged
  • Easily sealed against the elements to prevent corrosion and accumulated moisture
  • Retains its color a lot better than other materials, even when exposed to the elements

Sandstones many features also include certain benefits for each different color. Here are just a few examples:

  • Pink and red sandstone has a slip-free surface that is impervious to weathering
  • Yellow sandstone is highly resilient to acidic water and salt, even salty ocean breezes
  • Dark brown, chocolate and auburn sandstone is composed of iron oxide which hides smudges and stains
  • Light grey, beige, cream and white sandstone are perforated with red or purple lines. This type of sandstone is often used for sculptures and statues

The Many Uses of Sandstone

Today sandstone is considered the new pioneer stone for indoor and outdoor applications. In fact, many decorators and landscapers recommend sandstone over other materials. Aside from its durability, sandstone is renowned for its pleasing and seamless natural look. And when you have versatility, it makes it easy to design the exterior or interior décor of your dreams.

Not only is sandstone aesthetically used for the home but it is extensively used in offices, schools, gardens and public places such as parks and jogging paths. And because of its water-resistant properties, sandstone is used for creating pools, fountains and garden statues.

And when it comes to landscaping, sandstone is the number one choice. Many professionals find sandstone the ideal material for designing the perfect outdoor living space. It is used for retaining walls, corrosion resistant paths, garden borders and matching water fountains or statues.

Sandstone is often used for house walls, pavers, pillars and fireplaces. It is the heat and cold resistant properties that make it the perfect choice. In fact, many people report that a sandstone home drastically reduces their utility bills.

Sandstone is also perfect for patios, walkways, balconies, docks and driveways. Also, the large variety of colors and styles offers a nice selection of options to fit your designing needs.

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