Building a Fireplace into an Existing Home

11 March 2015

Fireplaces are a great way to add a touch of class and an extra level of homeliness to your abode. Not only do they speak for literally thousands of years of venerable tradition, but there is just something about a warm, cozy fireplace – something in the ambience it lends, in the soft glow of the fire in the half-light, in the flicker of flames, and even in the crackle of burning wood that simply evokes feelings of safety, comfort, relaxation, and quiet contemplation.

If you’re a homeowner who is keen on incorporating the age-old custom of having a fireplace in your home, but don’t have a pre-existing fireplace to begin with, there are a number of excellent solutions out there today. However, building a fireplace entails a lot of work, a lot of research, and can cost a sizable amount of money.

Kinds of fireplaces

Basically, there are three common types of fireplaces – masonry types, prefabricated types, and gas-range fireplaces. Of the three, the latter is one of the most modern, which simply opts for an in-sit gas-fueled chamber where combustion takes place. While it may suffice when it comes to providing ample warmth and light for a household, it is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as a full-fledged fireplace.

There are, however, gas-type fireplaces that are especially designed to looked like the real deal, but that only employ gas as the sole source of fuel and flame, opting to do away with the reliance on organic fuel, with wood often being replaced by expertly crafted porcelain replicas. But settling for gas-type fireplaces will leave things lacking that only a real fireplace can fill.

Building a Fireplace – A Few Tips

When it comes to building an authentic fireplace, there are a number of crucial things to consider. First of all, you have to consider the amount of space you’ll need. Secondly, you have to consider the overall aesthetics of your home and living area. These will assist in determining the ideal style of fireplace. Lastly, you have to seriously contemplate on the materials that you want to use to make a fireplace.

While it’s quite easy to fashion a fireplace with cement and some well-applied and tastefully painted plaster, nothing says class and dignity like opting for a full-fledged masonry-type fireplace. If you’re considering on investing in a masonry-type fireplace, know that no two fireplaces are made the same and vary in costs. Always opt to invest only in the finest materials, because cheaper doesn’t mean more ideal when it comes to fireplaces, since it will endure being repeatedly heated and cooled.

Most masonry companies have a selection of ideal lapidary materials for the sole purpose of creating a fireplace. If you find it difficult to find or decide upon your own choice materials for building a fireplace, a masonry company like AM Stonemasons provides you with a vast array of materials for building your fireplace.

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