Building Your Wall with Limestone… What are your Advantages?

20 May 2015

A lot of the magnificent structures we have today are made of limestone like the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. In New York, the Barclay Tower lightweight limestone panels were used decoratively. As in the past, limestone is well-known today in Australia and around world for its versatility, durability and competitive pricing.

Variety of limestone

Limestone used for walls can have different finishes ranging from black, white, cream, brown, gold, red and pink, and limestone panels are easy to cut and install, which make this an ideal building material for walls and decorative panels. Moreover, because limestone is a quarried stone, it can be cut to meet a specific size and shape, if required.

Unlike other stones, limestone has very few pore spaces because of its density which gives it the ability to withstand extreme weather changes like freeze-thaw and abrasions. Compared to solid stone choices, limestone is definitely the cheaper alternative; however, it can be used in ways heavier stones cannot. Since it is easier to install than other quarry stones, installation costs are considerably lower.

Increase the market value of your home and property

A wall with limestone can be a stunning sight to appreciate, and it gives a property an impression of elegance. With the help of professional stone masons, installing a limestone wall will enhance the beauty of your home and property, which in turn will increase their market value.

A well-built wall using limestone will last a lifetime, and its natural look and appeal is one of the real advantages that such a wall will provide you. Professionals can erect a wall so that it naturally blends with the nature around your home, especially if it is an exterior wall next a yard or garden.

A limestone wall is low maintenance

Generally, maintenance cost for fencing and walls increase over time, a wall with limestone needs minimal or no maintenance and will last the test of time. There are limestone buildings and walls that still stand erect after thousands of years. However, when it does come time to maintain your limestone wall, you only need water, a brush and a hose to clean it. There are plenty of online resources that will give you tips on how to do this.

Quarried stone can be cut to the size and shape you want

With the help of professional stonemasons like AM Stone Masons, based in Geelong, you can build that beautiful wall you have always wanted, with limestone; and, it has the strength of concrete! AM Stone Masons is excited to help you create living spaces utilizing limestone that can protect you from the biting cold of winter and the harshness of the summer months, or an outside wall to secure your home and family.

It’s true, limestone is a beneficial material used inside and outside of a home, but the natural beauty of the stone can be honed by AM Stone Masons to create subtle tones and finishes to give your home warmth, elegance and natural harmony.

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