Reasons Why Stone Masonry Will Never Go Out of Style

07 April 2020

One of the oldest art forms that are still practiced today is stone masonry. In the past, stonemasons have been moving in stones from the outskirts of the city and use them in constructing buildings and infrastructures. Walls out of stones were also built by masons for the safety and security of the people in the city. Today, stone masonry is still practiced by stonemasons due to the demand of the public. Private sectors have been utilising this art form in renovating or redesigning their homes and offices. Some applications of stone masonry today include fireplace finish, garden walkway, walls, […]

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The Main Advantages of Sandstone in Various Applications

23 March 2020

One of the most common stones that are frequently used in landscaping and other construction projects is sandstone. It is a sedimentary rock that is composed of small grains of mineral, rock, or organic material. Sandstone also has a cementing material that can bind the sand grains together. Some colours of sandstone include yellow, tan, pink, red, brown, white, grey, and black. Sandstone is frequently used as foundation stones, stone walls, decorative stones, wall claddings, walkway covering, flooring, arches, pillars, fountains, garden furniture, and stone articles. In short, sandstone can be used in both interior and exterior applications. From residential […]

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A Quick Comparison of Bluestone and Granite

06 March 2020

A wide variety of stones normally plays a huge role in construction and landscaping works. They serve as the principal material for the foundation of infrastructures. These stones are also used for the construction of walls, arches, dams, and many more. In landscaping, stones help organise and define the aesthetic elements of a backyard or garden. Two of the most common stones that are used in construction and landscaping are bluestone and granite. These two stones are frequently seen in large buildings and landscaping elements. They give off different properties that can be useful for some specific applications. Formation Bluestone […]

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Astonishing Stone Front Entrance Walls that Suit Your Property

21 February 2020

Home entrances usually give a long-lasting impression not only to your neighbours and visitors but also to your family. Some enhancements that you can do with your property entrance include lovely walkways, mouldings, columns, landscape lighting, and many more. However, one of the most sought out enhancements on a property entrance is stone front entrance walls. The stone front entrance walls have been the go-to design of property owners who want to prioritise both functionality and personality. Entrance walls can heavily mark your property boundary, just like what fences would normally do. Personality is also engraved with your stone front […]

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Restore Your Old Fireplace to Add Value to Your Home

03 February 2020

Before the invention of electric or space heater, a home will utilise the use of a fireplace to keep the whole place warm. But as soon as the heaters were invented, the once useful fireplaces are now left untouched for a very long time. After a few years down the drain, these fireplaces may have accumulated enough dust, dirt, and cobweb. Your fireplace might be old and dusty, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used anymore. As a matter of fact, your old fireplace can even increase the overall value of your home. If you are renovating or […]

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