Stonework and Stone Masonry: Reasons Why They Never Become Outdated

19 August 2019

Stone has been used in construction for centuries. It was available when other building materials were in short supply. Also, it was resilient enough to last throughout the years. Just think about some of the ancient buildings of Rome to see proof of this fact. Even though some have veered away from stonework and stone masonry and opted for colder modern options, both are still in vogue today and will never become obsolete. Stonework and Stone Masonry Has Many Uses on Properties • Homeowners can opt for a stone property entrance rather than simple fencing materials. It provides an earthy, […]

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Types of Stones Used in Stone Masonry: Understanding Their Qualities and Properties

05 August 2019

Stone masonry is the craft of creating homes, buildings, paving, chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls and other elements from stone. It has been practiced since ancient times and is still in high demand today. If you are considering installing stone features on your property in any manner, you should first learn about the following top types of stone that is used in masonry. 1. Limestone Limestone belongs to the sedimentary category of rocks, and it is composed of mainly calcium carbonate or CaCO3 in the way of the calcite mineral. Its colouring and texture depends upon the various elements that are […]

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Tips in Removing and Cleaning Sandstone Molds

26 January 2016

Mold is always and unwanted and unsightly problem; a problem that can be quite difficult to deal with, if not attended to early on. Mold occurs wherever there is accumulated moisture in any one area, for long periods of time, usually in porous places where the mold spores can take hold. In this environment they can derive an ample measure of their needed nutrients to greatly multiply. Given enough moisture and even the scantiest amount of sunlight, mold can become a bane to your pavers and tiles. One of the more mold-prone varieties of paver is sandstone. Beautiful and rustic, […]

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The Classic Beauty of Using Limestone Pillars for Your Home

13 January 2016

There is something about period and Classical architecture that simply takes the breath away. Whether it’s the seemingly imposing and majestic feel that it lends to one’s surroundings, or the graceful and elegant way that it catches the eye and stands in contrast to whatever backdrop it finds itself set against, there can be no doubt that Classical architecture is definitely a ‘stunner’ irrespective of the setting. One of the hallmarks of period and Classical architecture is the tasteful use of various pillars situated all throughout a structure. Such aesthetics, while somewhat gaudy and ostentatious appearing to some, likewise lends […]

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Why Should Your Garden Have Stone Retaining Walls?

09 December 2015

To say gardening is fun would be a gross understatement to those who till the land with their hands, to reap the rewards from their labour and love. No, gardening is not just ‘fun’, there are other benefits such as the satisfaction that comes from caring for the plants and soil, and then reaping the rewards for your efforts – vegetables, herbs and fruits. For most folks, a home garden is a little piece of… peace, from the outside world; a special place that can be protected by stone retaining walls. Stone Retaining Walls Protect Your Little Piece of Peace […]

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