Design Your Outdoor Space with Limestone Fire Pits

01 December 2015

It’s the truth; cold weather makes most folks want to just sit at home and forget everything else going on in the outside world. During the winter, staying warm is the name of the game, and if you do ‘it’ right – installing limestone fire pits, then you will enjoy the warmth and comfort these provide. If you want to have a little place outside that can provide warmth and comfort, a quaint place you’d liked to sit outside, in a garden or backyard with a fire, food and friends, then a limestone fire pit can be an excellent investment […]

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Stone Feature Wall Fountain: Reasons Why You Should Have One

18 November 2015

Creating an amazing and classy exterior for your patio or garden can be as much a reflection of your spending capacity as it is a testament to your personal aesthetics. While there are a number of innovative and modern-looking wall designs, there is something about the classic look of stone walls that attracts people to it from all walks of life. The possible accoutrements that can be installed next to, or on the walls can effectively bring out the best in your home. One of the most timeless looks that can be had with stone walls is a wall fountain, […]

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Home Improvement Using Different Stone Types

05 November 2015

Home remodeling can be very enjoyable, or a living nightmare; this depends on the kind of home improvement you’ve got planned, the number of experienced helping hands, or lack thereof, to do the job for you. One of the most sought-after types of home improvement is the usage of stones for added aesthetic and practical benefits, inside and outside your house. Stonework has always been employed for construction and was in ancient times the choice material for nearly every type of structure erected. Employed predominantly for its durability and long-lasting nature, it was also favoured thanks to its highly aesthetic […]

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Mt. Angus Sandstone: What’s So Special About The Quality Of This Sandstone?

20 October 2015

There is something special about the quality of this sandstone, it is one of the most versatile, durable, and popular building materials found in the market today. Generally chosen for its superior aesthetics and durability, when compared to regular concrete, sandstone has long been established as an impeccable choice when you’re out to build something truly enduring. There are different varieties of sandstone available to the general public, most of which vary in price and relative beauty, but abundant. One of the most popular types of sandstone available today, and perhaps one of the most sought after in Australia, is […]

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Stonemason Services in Geelong: We Can Only Offer The Best

05 October 2015

Masonry is an invaluable fine art that has roots dating back to most ancient times and beyond recorded human history. More recently, prior to these modern times, most homesteads were built with stone bricks and pavers that were especially crafted by stonemasons. Because stone has become something of a rare and expensive commodity since the latter part of the Industrial Revolution, the practice of hiring stonemasons for most commonplace building projects dwindled drastically. Timeless Stonemason Services in Geelong Today, even with the growing revival of interest in stone working and old-fashioned architecture, it can nevertheless still be difficult to find […]

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