Building Your Wall with Limestone… What are your Advantages?

20 May 2015

A lot of the magnificent structures we have today are made of limestone like the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. In New York, the Barclay Tower lightweight limestone panels were used decoratively. As in the past, limestone is well-known today in Australia and around world for its versatility, durability and competitive pricing. Variety of limestone Limestone used for walls can have different finishes ranging from black, white, cream, brown, gold, red and pink, and limestone panels are easy to cut and install, which make this an ideal building material for walls and decorative panels. Moreover, because limestone is a […]

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Why Should You Consider Using Stone Designs for Your Home?

13 May 2015

Go out to the woods, the forest, the dessert or the prairie, and there is a deep sense of peace that permeates your soul. That’s nature. So when it comes to home style and décor you, one of the most popular trends is to bring the outside in, and the easiest way to do that is with natural stone. So whether you decide on integrating a rustic fireplace, adding stone accents to a kitchen or bath, it’s this that will add that elegance, that decorative perfection we all want to achieve. This is why we’ve decided to add a few […]

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What stone types will suit your home building needs?

30 April 2015

Stone has always been the ubiquitous choice for fireplaces. Not only is stone durable, but some types of stone are aesthetically pleasing building materials. They are also excellent conductors of heat and help to radiate it all throughout the area where the hearth is situated. In the old days, fireplaces were constructed entirely of stone all throughout, melded together with mortar. Later on, as the years passed, the choice of material for most fireplaces, as well as its overall methods of construction evolved. Nowadays, the term ‘stone fire place’ has become a byword for fireplaces made of everything from clay […]

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Is granite stone good for a home foundation?

08 April 2015

Is granite stone good for a home foundation? Actually, the answer is more than a simple … yes. Granite stone home foundations cover a ton of territory, and there are a few clarifications to make first. Granite stone blocks are ideally suited to be used as a home foundation; these have been extensively and successfully used in Europe, for centuries. And, many of these ancient structures still stand and are being utilized today. Granite stone home foundations stand the test of time Compared to other types of stones used for home foundations, such as poor grade sandstone which is commonly […]

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Retaining Wall Builders in Victoria

23 March 2015

The first impression of your house is very important. And if you plan on selling your home, the very first thing people notice is the landscaping. Additionally, a carefully planned design will add immediate value to your property. In fact, many studies show that a high quality landscape can add up to 28% to the overall value of your home. Retaining Walls The benefits of retaining walls are many. Not only do they add value to your landscape but they also help control water runoff and erosion. A retaining wall can actually withstand an enormous amount of weight plus control […]

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