How Stone Featured Walls Can Add Value to Your Property

09 September 2020

The walls of any property can be made from a wide variety of materials. Some of these materials include brick, concrete, clay blocks, sods, lumber sleeper, steel sheets, and other earth-filled structures. While each of these mentioned materials boasts a different set of advantages over one another, one material that stands out the most in building walls is stone. More and more property owners are now opting to stones when it comes to building their property walls. Natural stones, which may be limestone, sandstone, bluestone, or granite, possess numerous characteristics and features that can easily add value to any property. […]

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Hire Hard Landscaping Services in Melbourne: How Important is This for Your Front and Back Yard Space?

28 August 2020

Supplying front and backyard spaces with trees, stones, and other materials are known as landscaping. They are made to modify and enhance the physical and visible features of a specific place. These spaces are typically subjected to different types of landscaping because of the amount of space they both possess. Placing trees and plants on these spaces are known as soft landscaping, while the installation of stones, concrete, and other non-green materials are identified as hard landscaping. Both soft and hard landscaping must work together to obtain the wanted results. And even though hard landscaping only pertains to non-green elements, […]

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Improve Your Home Landscape with Stone Retaining Walls

13 August 2020

Retaining walls are walls that are constructed to effectively hold back and restrain soil to a slope or its intended location. Numerous residential and commercial properties have been utilising retaining walls because of their associated purposes. For one, these walls can easily convert a slope into a flat area, allowing any types of building constructions as long as the overall land area can support them. One sloped area that can maximise retaining walls is mountainsides. The appearance of a property is also improved through the construction of retaining walls. They can also help prevent erosion, improve site drainage, hold back […]

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Stone Houses: Reasons Why They’re Gaining Popularity

30 July 2020

The materials used for constructing a house can significantly affect the way a property looks and feel. Aside from its appearance, the overall integrity, durability, longevity of a house also heavily relies on the materials that are utilised by both the contractor and the property owner. While there are many materials available for constructing houses, one material that is gaining popularity these days is stone. Stone houses are not new and have been existing for a long time. However, as the construction industry gears toward sustainable practices, the newfound admiration toward stone houses allows them to obtain a new spotlight […]

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What are the Advantages of Using Natural Stones for Pool Coping?

13 July 2020

Natural stones like granite, limestone, bluestone, and sandstone are frequently used for constructing property entrances, stone retaining walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and stone houses. Aside from these structures, these stones can also be utilised in constructing pool coping. Pool coping is a part of the pool structure that has numerous functions. It prevents the pool water from getting behind the pool shell and causes damage to the surrounding area. Pool coping also keeps grass and dirt from getting into the pool. As for swimmers, this structure gives a safe path to enter and exit the pool. With natural stones like the […]

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