Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Stone Masonry Contractor

18 November 2019

Property improvement entails the need for customizing and developing some parts of a property. This makes the property appealing not just for the people who are staying there but also for the visitors. If given a chance, property owners would make changes as regular as possible. But the time allotted for the planning phase takes a long time to initiate and get finalized.

One of the most sought out changes with properties is their stoneworks. Some may want to build a new stone walkway for a more pleasant look to the house, while others may want to change their aging stone pool surrounds. Stoneworks are beautiful, that is, if they are made with the highest quality possible.

Since time is essential with improvement works, this is the best chance for you to ask questions to potential stone masonry contractors. The following are the most essential questions that you must ask when looking for the best contractor in the market.

Do you have any
mason certifications or licenses?

One major proof that a stone masonry contractor is legitimate is through its license and proof of insurance. Some certifications guarantee that a contractor is paid up to date and will protect consumers from any sort of liability. License, on the other hand, proves that a contractor can do masonry services under the principle of the local law.

May I know your primary business details?

To verify the existence of a contractor, you must ask for the permanent address of their business, owners and workers, years of continual business, tax numbers, and others. You may also ask the history and background of the contractor for you to assess the quality of service that they can provide to you.

Do you have any project and client references?

In your pursuit to find the best contractor in the market, you must ask for any project and client references for verification and assessment. You can ask for photos of completed projects and details of the work performed such as duration, budget, and work type. You can also ask for the contact numbers of the contractor’s previous clients to get feedback and opinions.

What experiences do you have in working with particular bricks and stones?

There are different bricks and stones available in doing stoneworks. However, you may want a specific stone for your property that may be not available to some contractors. So, enquire about the type of bricks and stones that the contractors can work with for you to have an idea which of them can do the service.

Do you have any experience in cutting and layering stonework patterns?

The same with the type of bricks and stones, some contractors may have only worked with a limited number of cutting and layering stonework patterns. Confirm if the contractor can do your desired stonework patterns to get the project done early.

Do I have to do some preparation for the stonework?

Not all contractors are willing to do the prep work before they start the work. Most of the time, they will tell you all the things that you must prepare to speed up the overall work.

Who will be responsible for buying masonry materials?

Some materials for the project may require additional purchase from your part. For your project to sail smoothly, you may want to ask all the materials that they will need from you. This will also speed up the process of the whole project.

When do you intend to finish the project?

If you want to know the expected timeline of the project, you may want to consult it with the contractors. This will help you assess if the projected timeline is feasible to your own plans for the property, especially if there is some part of the property that will be temporarily closed.

What are the available terms of payment?

For your own good, you may want to know the mode and terms of payment that the contractor wants. This will help you allocate a specific amount of budget for the project, as well as maintain a good rapport between you and the contractor.

Will you do the clean up after the project is done?

Lastly, you must know if the contractor will tidy up the place after the completion of the project. This will help you take note of the changes that you will be expecting once the project is done.

If you want a verified stone masonry contractor for your next stonework project, then you may contact us at AM Stonemasons. Our company can do stoneworks in a variety of stone types that range from paving to houses.

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