Hard Landscaping Services in Geelong: Best Stone Materials that You Can Choose From

22 April 2020

Landscaping is a process that changes the key features of a given area of land. Such features may include plants, terrain, and structures. The addition of ornamental, edible, native, or other types of landscaping plants can be done with landscaping. The shape of the land can also be changed with landscaping through grading, backfilling, mounding, terracing, and many more. Lastly, the construction of fences, patio covers, walls, decks, and other built features are covered by landscaping.

Defining Hard Landscaping

In general, landscaping is done to manipulate the presence and characteristics of plants, terrain, and structures in a given site. However, landscaping can be grouped into two: soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Both soft and hard landscaping must work together for a more successful project.

Soft landscaping pertains to features that can be easily changed without requiring complex construction plans. Softscape materials include trees, shrubs, lawn, dirt, mulch, and many more. What is needed for soft landscaping is the appropriate design plans from professionals as to how the whole place would look like after the project is done.

Hard landscaping, on the other hand, makes up the foundation of your whole landscape. Projects that require hard landscaping include foundations, underlays, paths and ponds, rockeries, drainage, guttering, fencing, and even electrical cables. Any activities that would require rocks, stones, and masonry can be identified as hard landscaping. This type of landscaping must be considered seriously since it solves issues related to water drainage and erosion.

Stones for Hard Landscaping

There are a lot of stones that can be used for hard landscaping. Some of the stone examples are the following:

  • Limestone: Limestone is one of the most popular choices for landscaping in the garden and the backyard thanks to its durability and appealing white colour. It is a durable sedimentary rock that can be used for pathways, walls, garden beds, accents, and many more. In crushed form, limestone gravel can give you an attractive, natural-looking but durable walking surface. Slabs out of limestone can also be used for pavers. Limestones can also be used for walls and raised garden beds.
  • Sandstone: Sandstone is a sedimentary material that has a shade of tan, brown, red, grey, or black. It is one of the few stones that can effectively add texture and natural feel to your landscaped areas, making your space more pleasing to the eye. The use of sandstone can define the space of your outdoor area and create a visible barrier between your lawn and landscaping. Placing large pieces of sandstone on slopes can also help you slow down water flow and reduce erosion. Walkways, pavers, and short walls can also utilise sandstone.
  • Bluestone: Bluestones have certain characteristics that make them ideal for patios, pool decks, stone steps, or pathways. Bluestone may possess colours like greyish-blue, tan, rust, brown, or grey. These stones may be either cut in uniform sizes or used on their natural irregular size. The durability of bluestones makes them ideal for any landscaping projects. These stones can even resist any weather and temperature fluctuations. Their colours can readily complement any type of landscaping. Moreover, the rough surface of bluestones helps them avoid slipping accidents.
  • Granite: Granite is a dense, hard, igneous rock that can be seen in colours grey, white, or pink. It gives a pleasing appearance and texture that is appropriate for landscaping activities. Crushed granites can reflect sunlight and protect the soil from heat stress. At the same time, these stones still allow air and rainwater to permeate the soil. When rough chunks of granite are stacked together, they can provide excellent aeration and water penetration for the soil they cover. Undressed, granite boulders are great for breaking up and adding interest to open spaces.

Hard landscaping is essential to make your landscape dreams stable and free from any future concerns and issues. To know more about hard landscaping and these stone options, just contact us at AM Stonemasons.

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