Home Improvement Using Different Stone Types

05 November 2015

Home remodeling can be very enjoyable, or a living nightmare; this depends on the kind of home improvement you’ve got planned, the number of experienced helping hands, or lack thereof, to do the job for you. One of the most sought-after types of home improvement is the usage of stones for added aesthetic and practical benefits, inside and outside your house.

Stonework has always been employed for construction and was in ancient times the choice material for nearly every type of structure erected. Employed predominantly for its durability and long-lasting nature, it was also favoured thanks to its highly aesthetic features as well. There are innumerable varieties of stone that are considered ideal for construction, but in a nutshell, igneous and metamorphic rocks have long been prized as raw material for construction, although some sedimentary rocks were also employed, albeit rarely.

Here’s a quick look at different stone types for home improvement:

Different Types of Stone for Construction 

Granite – granite is one of the most popular and most abundant of stones. Generally employed in brick form, and sometimes even used in slab and tile form, granite is prized as an excellent stone for construction, not only due to its hardy nature, but also thanks to the unique inclusions of various minerals found in its surface. And that, if polished, truly gives it a unique and inimitable appeal.

Marble – of the different stone types for construction, marble is the second most popular variety, and in the ancient past, it was a prize material for noble homes. Why? Because it’s range of clear, white to pink and muted red hues, and marble is easily workable, and readily capable of taking on a superior polish; making it the perfect alternative to tile flooring paneling.

Gneiss – a common metamorphic rock somewhat related to granite, it is typically a modern construction choice. Of the different stone types, it is sought after most for its unique striations or patterns, called ‘gneissic banding’, which lends itself an air of rusticity to the piece, making it ideal for outdoors settings.

Limestone – a break from the standard choices of metamorphic rocks, limestone is an abundant, hardy stone which has been employed in construction since ancient times. Known for its earthy appearance and highly rustic or ‘raw’ look, limestone lends itself well to outdoor settings such as fences, gates, and walls.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your home – whether indoors or outdoors – consider opting for stone tile or brickwork. Professional masons, bricklayers and stonework professionals can help you choose the right stone for your home projects.

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