How Stone Featured Walls Can Add Value to Your Property

09 September 2020

The walls of any property can be made from a wide variety of materials. Some of these materials include brick, concrete, clay blocks, sods, lumber sleeper, steel sheets, and other earth-filled structures. While each of these mentioned materials boasts a different set of advantages over one another, one material that stands out the most in building walls is stone.

More and more property owners are now opting to stones when it comes to building their property walls. Natural stones, which may be limestone, sandstone, bluestone, or granite, possess numerous characteristics and features that can easily add value to any property.

To know how valuable stone featured walls is, here are some things about them that can significantly help properties increase in value.

Lovely Appearance

What is great about stone featured walls is that they can easily enhance both the interior and exterior appearance of properties, even without any additional painting or coating. Natural stones already come in different sets of textures, variations, and colours that can be assembled and combined neatly for the walls. Moreover, the natural look of these stones allows properties to be natural looking as well, which can be greatly comforting and welcoming to the eyes.

Superb Versatility

Aside from their appearance options, stone featured walls can be both used internally and externally, which makes them versatile and flexible. Some of the most feasible locations for stone walls inside the property are the fireplace, bathrooms, and the divisions that are intended for an open-plan space. As for the property exteriors, stone featured walls can be maximised in constructing the overall building fa├žade, layers or textures of an outdoor kitchen, walls near the swimming pool, and the boundary wall.

Improved Insulation

Another reason why stone featured walls can add value to properties is because of their ability to provide great insulation. Stones can easily offer optimal thermal insulation that is needed for most properties. They can protect rooms and areas of the property from the damaging or negative effects of extreme weather conditions. They can also prevent significant heat loss from the property as long as they are partnered with materials that can likewise deliver optimal insulation.

Established Longevity

Stone featured walls are great for properties since they are proven to last for a very long time. Unlike other wall materials, stone walls can easily surpass the life of other structural materials as they do not get damaged easily. They can resist breaking, chipping, and breaking down. The weather protection that these walls provide to properties is also brought by their ability to withstand damaging weather elements. Even the direct effects of fire are easily blocked by stone materials.

Easy Maintenance

Property owners who have opted for stone featured walls for their homes or buildings can greatly benefit from their ability to be maintained easily. Given that stones can withstand elements even after a very long time, the maintenance required for these materials is quite easy and straightforward. Any stain and dirt that they may acquire over time can be easily removed with plain water. Restoring their shine is also easy with the application of a normal detergent solution.

With these features and characteristics, stone featured walls are guaranteed to increase the value of properties. And for you to obtain these benefits, you must ensure that you acquire the services of a professional masonry contractor so they can help you set your stone featured walls properly.

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