Is granite stone good for a home foundation?

08 April 2015

Is granite stone good for a home foundation? Actually, the answer is more than a simple … yes. Granite stone home foundations cover a ton of territory, and there are a few clarifications to make first. Granite stone blocks are ideally suited to be used as a home foundation; these have been extensively and successfully used in Europe, for centuries. And, many of these ancient structures still stand and are being utilized today.

Granite stone home foundations stand the test of time

Compared to other types of stones used for home foundations, such as poor grade sandstone which is commonly being used today by some building contractors, high grade granite stones are superior in every way. Aesthetically, details matter, that’s why hiring a professional stonemason to properly prep, design and construct a home foundation, is important. A company specialising in stonemasonry, for example, can provide exceptional craftsmanship that typical building contractors cannot. A professional stonemason can ensure that a granite stone foundation will not only look great, but will also last far into the future.

When you install a granite stone foundation for your home, another thing to take into consideration are the types of mortars to use. Whether you are constructing granite stone home foundation, stick on granite dry wall, a granite fireplace, an inside and/or outside stone wall the type of mortar matters. Mortar can do more than hold granite stones together; in fact, the right mortar and its application can increase the overall look of a stone project.

Professional stonemasons, ones who understand the various types of mortars available today, can give your granite stone project the look and feel of a historically restored home. It’s true, some of the old quicklime mortars, which were produced by stonemasons for centuries, were as strong as many cement products today. Some stonemasons; experienced ones who know what they are doing, still utilize quicklime type mortars to provide an authentically historical look that people want for their home granite stone projects.

No maintenance required

Is granite stone good for a home foundation? Oh, yes, it is. In fact, one of the best aspects of installing a granite stone home foundation is the lack of maintenance. That’s right, high quality granite stone need no maintenance. The way the stones are arranged in a home’s foundation, locked into place with one another, it would take a nuclear detonation or an act of God to damage it. That’s why ancient buildings, which were built with granite stones, still stand erect today.

If you are considering utilizing granite stone in your home, either as a foundation, for walls, a fireplace or other project, then knowing where to find a professional stonemason is important, one who knows exactly what they are doing is important. AM Stonemasons are experienced professionals who know ‘exactly’ what they are doing, and can build a project for you that will last far into the future. You can learn more by visit their website here:

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