Mt. Angus Sandstone: What’s So Special About The Quality Of This Sandstone?

20 October 2015

There is something special about the quality of this sandstone, it is one of the most versatile, durable, and popular building materials found in the market today. Generally chosen for its superior aesthetics and durability, when compared to regular concrete, sandstone has long been established as an impeccable choice when you’re out to build something truly enduring.

There are different varieties of sandstone available to the general public, most of which vary in price and relative beauty, but abundant. One of the most popular types of sandstone available today, and perhaps one of the most sought after in Australia, is the Mt. Angus sandstone.

A Look at Mt. Angus Sandstone – Impressive Natural Beauty

Of all the varieties of sandstone available today, Mt Angus sandstone stands out as among the finest of the lot. Obtained from the best quarries in Maffra, Victoria, Australia, these impressive examples of natural beauty are excellent for both general and specialised construction projects. Mt Angus sandstone is renowned for its varied range of hues, comprised of everything from the rustic dun-brown and ash-grey to the various shades of golden-cream, to even a rich, deep brick-red, faded coral, or a stunning mottled burgundy.

This special sandstone variety also comes in various grades; with a whole range for both interior and exterior design and landscaping. Unlike most sandstone varieties, the sheer range of Mt Angus sandstone, as well as its inimitable striations and innate texturing, makes it a far more aesthetically pleasing choice when compared to other building materials available. It stands on its own in contrast to other sandstone varieties.

Sandstone is an excellent material primarily for exterior use, thanks in part to its natural strength and durability. The stone is able to withstand extremes in temperature, and is also very low-maintenance when used to erect walls. In interior settings, they provide an excellent backdrop for and all types of traditional and antique furnishings, and goes quite well with most modern pieces as well.

Sandstone flooring and walls are also wonderful heat insulators, allowing you to ditch the heater during cold months, and letting you forego air-conditioning during the summertime; both of which saves you money. If you’re after a great way to add a touch of class or finesse to your living room, or if you’re looking for that perfect material to jazz up the exterior of your home, whether you’re after a clean-cut or rustic look, Mt. Angus sandstone is the best choice you can ever invest in.

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