Natural Stone Fireplaces: The Right Choice to Help Warm Your Senses

11 June 2020

Fireplaces can add flair and beauty to the interior of homes. They are usually made of brick, natural stone, or metal that can contain an open fire. The fire from these finely made structures is utilised to create a relaxing ambiance as well as a good source of heat. The thick masonry wall that is opposite the fireplace is then maximised to absorb and re-radiate the heat from the fire.

As previously stated, fireplaces can be built out of natural stone. Believe it or not, natural stones are deemed to be the most elegant, durable, and cost-efficient material that can be used for fireplaces since they offer great heat retention and incredible wear and tear resistance. They do not even suffer from rot and mould, which are evident in other materials. Some examples of natural stones that can be used for fireplaces are granite, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone.

To know if natural stone fireplaces can certainly help warm your senses, then here are some things that you should know about them.

They Have Good Heat Retention

Natural stone fireplaces are undoubtedly recommended for homeowners who want to radiate the warmth of the fire across their living space. Most natural stones can easily absorb, store, and radiate heat thanks to their overall composition. If you want a fireplace that can effectively absorb heat, then you may want to lean towards limestone, sandstone, or bluestone. Granite, on the other hand, can help your fireplace conduct heat.

They Can Resist Wear and Tear

One outstanding property of natural stones is that they are indestructible. Once your natural stone fireplace is constructed, you can expect it to last for years without any signs of wear and tear. It can even age well since its material can effectively resist water damage, wind, fading elements, and mould growth. The natural durable properties of natural stones make them suitable for other home interior structures like countertops and floors as they do not get scratched, stained, or burned easily.

They Can Be Maintained Easily

Unlike other materials, natural stones do not require regular maintenance. You can easily clean your natural stone fireplaces by wiping them with a cloth, dry mopping them with soft fibres, or bushing them to make them look new and subsequently remove dirt and debris. However, keep in mind that some natural stones like marble require regular sealing to prevent the accumulation of soot or dirt. Since it does not require regular maintenance, you can just relax around your natural stone fireplace.

They Last for a Very Long Time

Given the durable and indestructible quality of natural stone fireplaces, you should expect them to last for a very long time. Without any regular maintenance, your natural stone fireplace can certainly provide you warmth and comfort for a reasonable amount of time without worrying too much about its service life. The weathering process of some natural stones after a few decades can even boost and improve the appearance of your fireplace.

They Save You A Lot of Money

The cost-effectiveness of natural stone fireplaces makes them suited for homeowners that value quality and money. The construction of natural stone fireplaces is way more affordable compared to other types of fireplaces. And even if this type of fireplace construction is cheap, it does not give up valuable characteristics that value both form and function.

The construction of a natural stone fireplace lets your home obtain an efficient heating medium at an indestructible, long-lasting rock-solid shell. If you want to have your own natural stone fireplace, feel free to contact us at AM Stonemasons.

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