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25 February 2015

A fireplace is a delightful addition to just about every type of home. Not only will it keep you cozy during the winter season but it also can transform your living room into a more suitable place to unwind. It is a masterpiece on its own and can add aesthetic value to your home. Really, it’s no surprise that many homeowners would like to have one installed, have about you?

Tile and brick are two of the most popular materials used to build fireplaces, although stone is probably the best choice. The only problem with stone is that it’s too heavy for a DIY fireplace. Instead, you will have to seek help from a professional fireplace builder in your area to have one constructed for you like AM Stone Mason, they are trusted makers of stone fireplaces in Victoria.

Why should I choose stone?

Truly, stone is an ideal material for building fireplaces. It’s naturally heat-resistant so you don’t have and tough as stone is you won’t have to worry about breaking or chipping. Unlike brick or tile, it retains heat and continues to radiate warmth in its surroundings long after the fire has burned out, and that can save a bit on firewood costs.

Stone is also durable. It doesn’t deteriorate, nor does it lose its colour the way tile and brick does over time. The clean finish of natural stone makes it a low-maintenance option that’s easier to clean than man-made bricks. Another advantage of using stone for your fireplace is that there are numerous varieties to choose from.

Depending on the design or colour scheme of your home interior, you can opt for a specific type of stone. Stone has polished lines and may be used for both modern and classical interior looks. Don’t be discouraged by the price of natural stone, however. They may be more expensive than other fireplace materials but they are cost-effective due to their low upkeep and ability to retain their look as they age.

It’s worth noting that cast stone isn’t a natural stone and a poor choice for building fireplaces. These are prone to staining because they are porous, and also tend to be heavier than natural stone. While cast stone is cheaper than natural types, they require meticulous installation and will really cost you more in the end.

Why should I hire AM Stone Mason?

AM Stone Mason is a professional fireplace builder based in Geelong, the company provides services throughout Victoria. They have more than 12 years of experience in building fireplaces as well as other stone features like chimneys, walls, and entire homes. The company has a hand-picked selection of the best natural stones for fireplaces including granite, sandstone, limestone, and bluestone. Each can provide a distinct look for your home. Contact AM Stone Masons about installing a natural stone fireplace in your home, you’ll be glad you did.

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