Qualities and Best Uses of Granite Stone

21 July 2015

When it comes to internal decoration and most other home accents, stone comes second to wood in desirability and aesthetic beauty. One of the most popular stones of this era, if not nearly all eras since the dawn of history, is granite. Granite is a type of igneous rock considered to be ‘intrusive’ due to the fact of its commonality.

Granite is often distinguished by its decidedly grained appearance, featuring inclusions of various quartz, mica, feldspar, and amphibole minerals contrasted with darker inclusions of hornblende, biotite mica, iron or obsidian that make for a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing surface. Granite comes in many hues, but the most popular colours generally veer towards the darker shades such as dark grey, charcoal, and even black, although lighter colours of granite like pink and white are commonly used.

In some cases, stone slabs that are sold as black granite are not actually authentic granite, but other varieties of igneous rock like basalt or gabbro. Irrespective of the chosen hue, granite veers from between mid-priced to somewhat pricey, depending on the inclusions that are found in the stone, as well as the overall quality of a singular piece.

Most granite stones for interior design, such as those made for tables and countertops, are often made of a single slab of cut and polished granite that is custom-fit to client specifications.

Qualities of Granite and Its Respective Uses

One of the most telling qualities of granite is its heft and overall durability. In spite of its hardness however, it can be carved into any assortment of shape and is capable of taking on artistic details. Generally dense and quite heavy by nature, granite makes not only for perfect tabletops and countertops, the stone also makes for excellent flooring.

Aside from the standard fare of table or counter-tops, one of the best uses of granite stone is in flooring. Thanks to its highly resilient nature and extremely beautiful surface patterns, granite makes for an ideal flooring material for living rooms, bathrooms, or function rooms. It is also used in fireplaces and stick on dry granite walls. Beyond its employment for indoor home accent and décor, granite is also a perfect medium for walkways, patio flooring and around pools.

If you are looking for long-lasting flooring material that exudes a regal, old-world style, a material that can highlight your indoor furniture or outdoor benches and lounge chairs, then granite is definitely your best possible choice.

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