Reasons to Prefer Building With Stone

16 February 2015

Although people are accustomed to building with lumber and other materials, stone is an option you should always consider. Whether or not to build with natural stone has always been questioned by builders and architects.

With all construction supplies, there are always pros and cons to whatever material you decide to build with. However, there is one thing for certain when building with stone; the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Here are some of the best reasons to build with stone:


Stone buildings are exceptionally durable. Actually, stone is the longest lasting building material available. Even today you can find about 5,000 circular huts made of granite rocks that date back to the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age. The ancient stone huts are located in Dartmoor National Park in the United Kingdom.

Buildings constructed of stone can resist many natural elements such as hot and cold environments, fire, water and harsh winds. Additionally, stone buildings hold up against insects like carpenter ants or termites.

What is more, natural stone improves with time. Unlike other building materials that start to deteriorate and lose their appearance, stone keeps its natural unique exterior and stays aesthetically pleasing over time. Likewise, natural stone is a low-maintenance material that guarantees years of lasting beauty.


Stone helps transform your vision into reality, from natural ruggedness to cultured elegance. And when it comes to designing a building, stone offers an immense diversity of forms and shades to fit your needs. The natural shape of the stone itself makes the selections practically endless. In fact, stone is suitable with most any type of exterior or ambiance. And when it comes to building, versatility and flexibility are vital.

Reasonably Priced and Cost Effective

Compared to other building materials, stone is one of the most cost effective selections. Take for instance a patio. When using lumber for a deck the wood itself is rather expensive plus there is the cost of maintenance, sealing and staining, regular cleaning, deterioration and the lack of durability.

On the other hand, stone is very low maintenance and does not require sealing or staining. As well, it is easy to wash, never rots or loses its color. Stone will also outlast the typical lifespan of other building materials by a multitude of years. For example, a cedar deck will last approximately 25 to 40 years if it is well maintained every year. A stone deck with minimal maintenance should last at least a lifetime if not forever.

Eco Friendly

Conceivably, stone is one of the most Eco friendly building materials you can use. Since it comes directly from nature, it does not require power or energy to produce the final product besides the small amount of energy used when it is extracted.

Moreover, stone does not contain any harmful toxins that may be damaging to your health. Nor does stone require any chemical treatments or coatings before it can be used as a building material. All in all, stone is the ultimate ecological choice when it comes to building.

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