Reasons Why Stone Masonry Will Never Go Out of Style

07 April 2020

One of the oldest art forms that are still practiced today is stone masonry. In the past, stonemasons have been moving in stones from the outskirts of the city and use them in constructing buildings and infrastructures. Walls out of stones were also built by masons for the safety and security of the people in the city.

Today, stone masonry is still practiced by stonemasons due to the demand of the public. Private sectors have been utilising this art form in renovating or redesigning their homes and offices. Some applications of stone masonry today include fireplace finish, garden walkway, walls, bridges, dams, and many more.

Even if the art of stone masonry has been around for a long time, it will never go out of style because of the following reasons.

Timeless Beauty

Believe it or not, stone masonry has been used to construct well-known landmarks around the world. Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, and Egyptian pyramids are only a few of those landmarks that are created by this art form. Just like these attractions, your property can acquire the time-tested elegance of stone masonry since you can create different shapes and designs out of it. Stone masonry also enhances the aesthetic of your construction project, adding sophistication and unique flair to its appearance.

Enhanced Safety

The reason behind the use of stone in structures is because of its strong properties. Stones cannot melt, burn, or bend, which makes them ideal for withstanding any damaging elements both from nature and from people. The high heat tolerance of stones makes them suitable for chimneys, fireplaces, and even walls. Additionally, the extreme sturdiness of stone masonry makes it great for places that experience strong winds and natural impact.


Other construction materials would require extra layers of coating and paint just to avoid corrosion. Stones, on the other hand, can retain their physical properties and appearance without adding any element, as proven by the quality of historical landmarks. The stone’s ability to withstand any destructive elements saves them from being maintained, repaired, and replaced all the time. When combined with insulation products, your stone structure can give you exceptional energy efficiency. Moreover, the number of wasted products will be significantly cut down with stone masonry,

Cost Efficiency

When you use stones for your construction project, you are guaranteed to save a lot of money. Insurance companies hugely recognize the safety features of stones, so expect your insurance premium to be significantly lower than other materials. Additionally, your maintenance costs will be cut by a huge amount since stone structures don’t easily damage and corrode. While stone construction can get quite expensive, its beauty, timelessness, and durability can make it perfectly worth the price in the long run.

Stone masonry will never fail you as it has not failed past historical structures and landmarks. Moreover, this art form can certainly help your property from obtaining your desired design, durability, and efficiency. To acquire your stone masonry works, you can give us a call at AM Stonemasons so that we can discuss possible arrangements with you.

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