Restore Your Old Fireplace to Add Value to Your Home

03 February 2020

Before the invention of electric or space heater, a home will utilise the use of a fireplace to keep the whole place warm. But as soon as the heaters were invented, the once useful fireplaces are now left untouched for a very long time. After a few years down the drain, these fireplaces may have accumulated enough dust, dirt, and cobweb.

Your fireplace might be old and dusty, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used anymore. As a matter of fact, your old fireplace can even increase the overall value of your home. If you are renovating or retrofitting your home, you must consider the inclusion of your old fireplace into the design of your home.

Maintenance of Old Fireplace

If you are determined to restore your old fireplace, then you must know the characteristics of your fireplace. With the help of a professional stonemasonry company, you can achieve and convert your old fireplace into something that is integrated into your modern home design.

For your preference, here are the materials that are frequently used in fireplaces and ways on how to maintain them.

  • Ceramic: Fireplaces that are made out of ceramic can be easily washed down. Using a diluted household cleaner in hot water, cleaning the dust, dirt, and other elements on your ceramic fireplace will be easier more than ever.
  • Marble: When maintaining a marble fireplace, it is important that you wash its surface using soapy water. Once your fireplace is dried, you can apply some good wax polish to ensure that the marble material is kept in pristine condition.
  • Brick: A fireplace made out of brick can accumulate dirt easily. Fortunately, the accumulation of dirt and other elements can be brushed away quickly. However, if the fireplace has obtained heavy markings, then you must apply a caustic cleaner to remove them.
  • Slate or Granite:Just like bricks, a slate or granite-based fireplace with dirt and dust can be easily cleaned by regular brushing. But for heavy markings, you must use a liquid detergent to completely remove the markings.
  • Sandstone and Limestone: Sandstone and limestone are among the most beautiful stones out there. However, when incorporated with fireplaces, a lot of people would complain about the difficulty of maintaining of sandstone and limestone since they can easily absorb stains. With these stones, pH-neutral stone cleansers are believed to be the best cleaning agent.

Benefits of Restoring Old Fireplace

An old fireplace can still restore its reputation of having a luxurious feel and vibe on your home. It adds a character to your room and may even steal the spotlight of your living space. The classic feel of the old fireplace brings life to the traditional way of warming the room’s temperature. You can even use your fireplace again if ever you wanted to warm your room traditionally. Also, with proper maintenance, your old fireplace can certainly add significant value to your property.

Restoring your old fireplace allows you to maximise a classic area in your home. If you want to renovate your fireplace, you can give us a call at AM Stonemasons.

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