Retaining Wall Builders in Victoria

23 March 2015

The first impression of your house is very important. And if you plan on selling your home, the very first thing people notice is the landscaping. Additionally, a carefully planned design will add immediate value to your property. In fact, many studies show that a high quality landscape can add up to 28% to the overall value of your home.

Retaining Walls

The benefits of retaining walls are many. Not only do they add value to your landscape but they also help control water runoff and erosion. A retaining wall can actually withstand an enormous amount of weight plus control surface runoff and erosion for many years without requiring maintenance.

A retaining wall is also a cost effective way to increase the worth of your home. In addition, it enhances the flexibility of your landscape. A retaining wall can help divide you and your neighbor’s property and separate your flower and vegetable. You can also add a curved limestone front entrance for a spectacular design that separates your home from the street.

Another great benefit of a retaining wall is that it reduces sound pollution and adds privacy. It can also block unattractive views. What is more, a retaining wall can be professionally completed in a short amount of time.


There is a vast diversity of choices when it comes to choosing a retaining wall for your landscape. You can select from a variety of materials like brick, limestone or natural rock. There are also several techniques such as a traditional stone and mortar wall, a natural Australian grampians sandstone wall, a dry rubble wall that is popular in Victoria and many other options.

Retaining walls are also very low maintenance. In fact, compared to other wall materials, stone walls are the most cost effective. In addition, retaining stone walls do not require staining and sealing or constant cleaning. In fact, retaining stone walls are extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

Professional Retaining Wall Builders

When installing a retaining wall it is best to hire a well experienced professional. You want a company that has the skill and expertise in masonry. The primary stone mason in Victoria area is AM Stone Masons. They are a Geelong based business that provides professional service for all jobs, from a large scale to a small.

Additionally, AM Stone Masons has over a decade of experience specializing in stone retaining walls and feature walls. The skilled masonry company also specializes in chimneys, fireplaces and paving. In truth, AM Stone Masons provides knowledgeable workmanship with all stone types such as Limestone, Bluestone, Sandstone and Granite.

Examples of AM Stone Masons retaining walls include grampians sandstone, bruhn smooth limestone, stick on dry granite, dry rubble and even wall stone water features. And when it comes to the perfect design or material to accent your home, AM Stone Masons has a world of ideas to help you plan.

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