Stone Feature Wall Fountain: Reasons Why You Should Have One

18 November 2015

Creating an amazing and classy exterior for your patio or garden can be as much a reflection of your spending capacity as it is a testament to your personal aesthetics. While there are a number of innovative and modern-looking wall designs, there is something about the classic look of stone walls that attracts people to it from all walks of life. The possible accoutrements that can be installed next to, or on the walls can effectively bring out the best in your home.

One of the most timeless looks that can be had with stone walls is a wall fountain, they are beautiful.

Stone Feature Wall Fountain for Your Home Garden

Wall fountains are a fixture of both Art Noveau and Neo-Classical styles. Long employed in large, rustically rambling gardens, they can either boast of tiny fixtures in the shape of vases or conch shells which feature flowing water, or they can be large fixtures installed onto a wall that connects to a larger basin or cistern.

Wall fountains are not only a great means to ensure that your otherwise plain, uninteresting wall looks good, it also provides some degree of cooling for your garden or patio. A stone feature wall fountain provides an excellent means to add some degree of coolness to your garden during muggy evenings, and a refreshingly invigorating sight during mornings.

Water fountains generally appeal to both the sight and hearing of people, making them excellent aesthetic home additions. The calming effect of water fountains along with the often refreshing sight of flowing water also provides a degree of calm to a garden or backyard – a much-needed feature, especially in today’s hectic world.

Investing in a stone feature wall fountain will run a moderate amount of money, although, if you consider its benefits and employs experts to design the structure, it is worth the price. If one opts to use only the best possible materials, then it will definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment that will last for decades to come.

Stones that are perfect for wall fountains are usually of the mixed variety. Limestone is often ideal for the wall-proper, while the fountains itself, which can vary in size and shape, can be made from large clam shells, shaped and tooled marble, terra cotta, and even fired ceramic.

If you’re looking for a company that can design a beautiful and affordable stone wall fountain for your garden or home, then you will be glad to find AM Stone Masons, they can create the stone wall fountain that is ideal for your space.

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