Stone Houses: Reasons Why They’re Gaining Popularity

30 July 2020

The materials used for constructing a house can significantly affect the way a property looks and feel. Aside from its appearance, the overall integrity, durability, longevity of a house also heavily relies on the materials that are utilised by both the contractor and the property owner.

While there are many materials available for constructing houses, one material that is gaining popularity these days is stone. Stone houses are not new and have been existing for a long time. However, as the construction industry gears toward sustainable practices, the newfound admiration toward stone houses allows them to obtain a new spotlight on the whole list of popular house types and materials. Various technological advancements have also improved and eased the way stone houses are constructed.

Aside from these factors, there are more reasons why stone houses are gaining popularity.

Availability of Stone Materials

Stone houses are becoming popular these days since their materials can be accessed and retrieved anywhere. Both stones and rocks are part of the planet’s natural products, and wherever you go, you can easily extract these materials. Even the transport and transfer of stones and rocks are so much easier than other types of materials since they are always available. Contractors can even get them for free.

Simplicity of Construction

What makes stone houses popular is the fact that stone materials can be easy to construct with. Construction professionals do not have to undergo extensive pieces of training just to build a property or a portion of it out of stones. The natural durability of stones and rocks also helps properties become stronger and sturdier as opposed to other materials, all without the need for mastering special skills.

Proven Durability and Longevity

As mentioned, natural stones can help properties become strong and sturdy. The physical properties of natural stones enable them to withstand and resist different damaging elements like extreme temperatures, wind, heat, termites, and others. Incorporating stones in home construction can easily give off extra robustness and the much-needed insulation of the property. And given their durable properties, natural stones can easily provide a long-lasting home property.

Astonishing Appearance

Another reason why stone houses are becoming popular is due to the stones’ wide variety of appearance. Stones and rocks have different colours, texture, and shapes that can be used in constructing houses and their major parts. Combining different types of stones and rocks can provide an astonishing overall appearance and view of the property, unleashing the creativity and originality of both the contractor and the project manager. Any added painting and coating are not even required for stone houses.

Unparalleled Overall Value

The outstanding characteristics and qualities of stone houses make them more valuable than other types of houses. Owning a stone house and living there for decades can easily guarantee owners a high return on investment once they decide to sell it in the future.

The popularity of stone houses is anchored to the excellent properties of natural stones and rocks. If you want to have your own stone house, just let us know at AM Stone Masons. We have more than 15 years of experience specialising in stone homes, stone retaining walls, feature walls, paving, chimneys, and fireplaces. Our years of service and professionalism is a testimony of all the great work that we do, matched with invaluable customer service because we know how to listen to your needs.

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