Stonework and Stone Masonry: Reasons Why They Never Become Outdated

19 August 2019

Stone has been used in construction for centuries. It was available when other building materials were in short supply. Also, it was resilient enough to last throughout the years. Just think about some of the ancient buildings of Rome to see proof of this fact. Even though some have veered away from stonework and stone masonry and opted for colder modern options, both are still in vogue today and will never become obsolete.

Stonework and Stone Masonry Has Many Uses on Properties

• Homeowners can opt for a stone property entrance rather than simple fencing materials. It provides an earthy, elegance to the street end of their driveway. Some choose a full wall while others choose stone pillars with one on each side of the driveway. Either one is possible.

• Stone retaining walls are ideal landscaping features to hold soil into gardens or on slopes. Different designs are possible since various types of stone can be mixed for a unique appearance or homeowners can opt for all the same type of stone.

• Stone houses are earthy, durable and eye-catching. Once, this was only seen in rustic homes but today, even formal houses contain exterior stonework or stone masonry.

• Chimneys of stone are the ideal finishing touch for a house with a fireplace of any design. Stone fireplaces, though, can range for modest to majestic. Along with this, stone is resistant to fire.

• Pool surrounds stand up resiliently to exposure to both water and chemicals. They also enhance the pool area with an ambience that is difficult to match or beat with any other material.

• Whether the stone is paving for patios, outdoor kitchens, garden paths or other outdoor areas, it holds up to daily foot traffic and is slip-resistant.

Four Examples of Types Stone Used in Stone Masonry and Stonework

While many kinds of stone are available for stonework and stone masonry, the following four are the most popular with homeowners:

• Limestone
• Sandstone
• Bluestone
• Granite

Rely on Only Expert Stonemasons

It is advisable for homeowners to hire only professional stonemasons to install their stone features on their property. While contractors may have some experience with this, they do not have the depth of expertise that stonemasons do working with stone.

For additional details about why stonework and stone masonry will never become outdated, consult with our company, AM Stonemasons. We are a provider of professional, high-quality stonework and stone masonry here in Geelong. Our craftsmen have over 15 years of experience with working with stone to create homes, paving, stone retaining walls, chimneys, fireplaces and more. After we learn of your needs, we will issue you a free quote for your consideration.

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