The Benefits of Using Sandstone Materials for Construction

18 August 2015

When it comes time to choose the right construction materials for exterior structures like walls, most folks invariably settle for what is cheaper, or more affordable. Unfortunately, what is cheap doesn’t always equate to what is best, much less what is enduring. In the bid for faster and cheaper construction materials, most people tend to depend on concrete for standardised construction projects, in spite of the large and still-growing availability of far more superior materials that are actually far better than concrete.

Sandstone – A Material Superior to Concrete

For people who have the means to splurge a little, and for those who simply will not settle for anything, but the best, natural construction materials are the definite staple of commercial or private structural foundations. One of the most popular natural constructions materials to date is sandstone. A dense and extremely durable variety of classic sedimentary rock composed of quartz or feldspar; it is also referred to as arenite and is very abundant and easily obtainable.

Sandstone has a very long history of being employed by a number of ancient civilisations as a basic construction material. There are innumerable benefits of sandstone as a structural staple, making it far more advantageous in certain respects compared to concrete and other commonplace construction materials.

Here are some of the benefits of sandstone that most people have largely overlooked in lieu of cheaper, second-rate industrial-grade construction materials:

The Benefits of Sandstone Durability – Sandstone is known for its extremely durable nature. It has been used by various cultures throughout the ages to create enduring edifices that have stood the test of time. Due to its inherent durability, sandstone is best employed for exterior structural edifices more so than interior aesthetics, although sandstone does make for a long-lasting and beautiful alternative to tiles.

Relative affordability – While sandstone is not nearly as cheap as concrete and tile, it is nevertheless cheaper than marble or granite. And, it’s just as durable and beautiful. Because of its natural hardiness, it will last indefinitely if not physically damaged, and requires almost no amount of maintenance, and thus, it pays for itself in savings as the years pass.

Sandstone is also an extremely dense stone, able to withstand the effects of acid rain and other natural corrosive substances, and is tough enough to endure repetitive freeze and thaw cycles.

Ease of installation – Unlike tiles and other construction mediums that require lengthy preparation time and finicky installation methods, sandstone only requires the use of plain Portland lime or mortar in order to bond to any prepped surface. This makes it faster and less time-consuming to install.

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