The Classic Beauty of Using Limestone Pillars for Your Home

13 January 2016

There is something about period and Classical architecture that simply takes the breath away. Whether it’s the seemingly imposing and majestic feel that it lends to one’s surroundings, or the graceful and elegant way that it catches the eye and stands in contrast to whatever backdrop it finds itself set against, there can be no doubt that Classical architecture is definitely a ‘stunner’ irrespective of the setting.

One of the hallmarks of period and Classical architecture is the tasteful use of various pillars situated all throughout a structure. Such aesthetics, while somewhat gaudy and ostentatious appearing to some, likewise lends a dignified air to any structure and is even ideal for home of all sizes. One of the most popular materials for the creation of pillars is limestone.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock typically comprised of calcite and aragonite, which has a long-standing reputation as a durable, reliable, and hardy material for use in construction. The usage of limestone dates far back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. This gives credentials to the stone for use as pillars, and not only are these a worthwhile investment for people who want a reliable foundation for their home, but its an excellent choice of building material for those who do not have the patience or the time for regular home maintenance, as limestone is nearly maintenance free.

The Aesthetic and Practical Benefits of Limestone Pillars

When it comes to mere aesthetic value, you’ll have pretty much free rein when it comes to picking your choice of limestone pillars. It’s true, limestone is a visually pleasing rock, especially if polished to a smooth, nearly reflective surface. There are different coloured limestone to choose from, both natural and coloured varieties available, although their colours range from off-white to dark reds, with variations that feature crystalline inclusions or unique mineral striations called banding, it gives you a near-unlimited range of options to choose from.

In terms of practicality, limestone is proven to be an extremely durable and hardy stone, which makes it especially ideal for outdoor settings such as in archways, corridors, courtyards, patios and entryways. Being a natural stone, not only is it virtually impervious to standard types of weathering, it is also known for its low-maintenance nature and shock-resistant capacity, this makes it more than ideal for use as pillars in your home.

If you’re looking for a great way to beautify your home and make sure that it lasts for generations to come, then invest in limestone pillars today by visiting our main page for contact information.

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