Tips in Removing and Cleaning Sandstone Molds

26 January 2016

Mold is always and unwanted and unsightly problem; a problem that can be quite difficult to deal with, if not attended to early on. Mold occurs wherever there is accumulated moisture in any one area, for long periods of time, usually in porous places where the mold spores can take hold. In this environment they can derive an ample measure of their needed nutrients to greatly multiply.

Given enough moisture and even the scantiest amount of sunlight, mold can become a bane to your pavers and tiles. One of the more mold-prone varieties of paver is sandstone. Beautiful and rustic, sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock that has a long history of being employed for building. Quite durable, sandstone is also somewhat porous and is therefore prone to molds.

If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to go about removing and cleaning mold from your sandstone pavers, you could do-it-yourself? Or, you could have professional stone masons clean them for you, rather than ‘you’ have to scrub your pavers, which will require a bit of muscle, especially if you do not have a power buffer on hand. When hand scrubbing your sandstone pavers, you can use house hold ingredients such as combining one cup of pure chlorine bleach with one gallon of water, which you may then apply liberally to the affected area.

Leave this concoction on for fifteen to thirty minutes. After the mold has somewhat softened, you then can take a brush with hard bristles and scrub the mold off, after which you rinse it again with the bleach and water solution. Another way to go about removing and cleaning sandstone molds is to employ copious amounts of antimicrobial spray, when applied to the affected area, it will dry and create a thin film.

This film prevents the molds from absorbing essential nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere. This in turn kills the mold, allowing it to be brushed off with a hard bristled brush and some detergent. It should be noted, however, that mold can be a recurring and persistent problem which may require professional assistance to correct. If you’d rather not have to deal with the hassle of mold removal, you could also invest in non-porous types of pavers.

Help in Removing and Cleaning Sandstone Molds

Fortunately, there are professionals like Alma Stone Masons, we have industrial strength cleaners and power buffers to easily clean small or large areas, and maintenance cleaning programs that can keep all your flooring looking new.

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