Top 3 Reasons why you should have a Rubble Wall for your Garden

16 June 2015

Rubble walls, more correctly referred to as rubble-work, is a type of architectural aesthetics with a history that hearkens back to ancient times. Nowadays, rubble walls are often associated with the immortal aesthetics of classical country-style architecture, and the rambling, weather-worn hedges of old houses in picturesque locales.

Typically associated with Mediterranean or Italian architecture, excellent examples of rubble-work are found throughout the world, and employed by various civilisations to this very day. Opting for a rubble wall for your garden or lawn is not only an excellent way to make a statement, but also an undeniably charming way to add a little old-world refinement to your home’s surroundings.

The wonders of the simple rubble wall are manifold, but if one thing is certain, it is that it brings out the best of any home, even if such homes are old, or simplistic in it make. While there are a myriad of reasons why you should have a rubble wall for your garden, here are the top three very obvious reasons why rubble-work is one of the best fencing options you can ever make:

Three Reasons Why Rubble Walls are the Best for Your Garden

Economic reasons – Rubble is, by definition, an assortment of rocks of various sizes and uneven cuts. These types of stone tend to be extremely affordable and economical, which makes them appealing. If you’re looking for stonework fences, but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money to achieve a similar effect, rubble walls are generally the cheapest option.

In spite of their cheap price, compared to other stones, these are handy in nature and guaranteed to last you a lifetime of service, given the proper care and the occasional maintenance.

Practical applications – Because rubble walls are held up and bound together by mortar, it makes them somewhat semi-porous. While mortar lends an overall solidarity and structural integrity to the rubble-work, and while it possesses significantly durable traits, it is thankfully porous enough to admit the subtle insertion of hooks, nails, and other implements. These will enable you to hang garden plants and other associated accoutrements with ease.

This porosity also enables some rubble walls to be ‘seeded’ – that is, to be imbedded with seeds that will later grow into creeping or crawling plants. Rubble walls also attract moss, lichen, and crawling vines – all perfect aesthetic compliments to any garden, and one that any gardener would be proud to flaunt.

Aesthetics – Simply put, rubble walls are not only durable and hardy, and they’re more than just affordable – they are also a statement refinement in spite of its rusticity. Their basic appearance and presence of simplistic beauty compliments nearly every imaginable setting. A veritable time piece, it is an investment that will never depreciate, and is a must-have for every home gardener.

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