What are the Advantages of Using Natural Stones for Pool Coping?

13 July 2020

Natural stones like granite, limestone, bluestone, and sandstone are frequently used for constructing property entrances, stone retaining walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and stone houses. Aside from these structures, these stones can also be utilised in constructing pool coping.

Pool coping is a part of the pool structure that has numerous functions. It prevents the pool water from getting behind the pool shell and causes damage to the surrounding area. Pool coping also keeps grass and dirt from getting into the pool. As for swimmers, this structure gives a safe path to enter and exit the pool. With natural stones like the mentioned above, your pool coping can surely function optimally and effectively due to their numerous advantages and benefits over other materials.

Enhances Appearance

The use of natural stones for pool coping can enhance the overall aesthetics of the pool. They have unique grains, patterns, colours, and styles that can certainly boost the appearance of the pool structure. They can even be modified according to your preferred polish or finish, making your pool coping feel more personalised and distinctive from others.

Promotes Safety

Pool coping that is made from natural stones can easily provide safety for swimmers and people around the pool. Their naturally porous texture makes the pool coping slip-resistant, which allows any activities like walking or even jogging around the pool to be safer and more manageable. Their ability to receive different types of polishing and finishing treatments also allows pool coping to possess a non-slip surface.

Resists Damages

One notable advantage of using natural stones for pool coping is that they can last for a long time. Natural stones can effectively withstand heavy load and solid hits. They can also resist the damaging effects of hot or cold temperatures. So, even if your pool coping is installed under open spaces that regularly receive sunlight or rainwater, you can expect it to not get any damages in the long run.

Eases Maintenance

Natural stones do not break or crack easily. They also do not get affected by extreme weather elements. These properties then allow them to be cleaned and maintained more easily than other materials. The use of natural stones for your pool coping allows you to clean it just by washing and cleaning it with washing detergent solutions. Even a vinegar solution can already wash and clean the natural stones.

Saves Money

The abundance of granite, limestone, bluestone, and sandstone in the market makes them accessible to a lot of people and industries. They even go on sale more often than other materials, which helps you save a significant amount of money when you use them for your pool coping. Aside from saving resources, the presence of natural stones for your pool coping can dramatically enhance the value of your property due to their overall properties.

The use of natural stones for your pool coping can help you attain all these mentioned benefits and advantages. To have your own pool coping out of natural stones, just give us a call at AM Stonemasons. We only use high quality and genuine stone materials that will last for many years and this is our guarantee to all our customers.

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