What stone types will suit your home building needs?

30 April 2015

Stone has always been the ubiquitous choice for fireplaces. Not only is stone durable, but some types of stone are aesthetically pleasing building materials. They are also excellent conductors of heat and help to radiate it all throughout the area where the hearth is situated. In the old days, fireplaces were constructed entirely of stone all throughout, melded together with mortar. Later on, as the years passed, the choice of material for most fireplaces, as well as its overall methods of construction evolved. Nowadays, the term ‘stone fire place’ has become a byword for fireplaces made of everything from clay bricks, stone bricks, cobblestones, and even coral.

If you’re looking for the best stone types to suit your fireplace, then there are several factors that you have to keep in mind. First, you have to consider the size of the fireplace and the amount of stone you will need. Basically, the larger a hearth is, the more materials you will need to complete the construction. Second, you will have to have to calculate the overall cost of the stone you wish to use, but also for the labour involved in construction and the other additional costs regarding aesthetics.

Types of stones that will suit your home building needs:

Finally, you have to consider exactly what type of fireplace you want – whether it’s only for show, or whether you plan on employing the fireplace for cooking and other utilitarian purposes. If you’re looking for a fireplace meant only to provide warmth and the undeniable aesthetic compliment that only a fireplace can give, stones like granite, slate, basalt, marble, and gneiss are great choices.

If you’re after a more rustic appeal, a homely sort of fireplace that evokes bygone eras, then less expensive and equally lasting yet purposeful choice materials are brick, bedrock and limestone. For more unique options, carved or rough-hewn coral fireplaces make for a truly wonderful compliment to any home décor.

Because stone fireplaces tend to undergo frequent temperature fluctuations, you should always opt for materials which allow for sufficient expansion and retraction – stones which absorb and radiate heat without necessarily cracking from the repeated heating and cooling of fireplaces, such as igneous rocks are ideal. For less expensive options however, a ‘half’-stone fireplace may be opted for. Basically, stone surrounds outside of the fireplace, it is literally only installed on the exterior, leaving the inner area made of concrete or some other solid material to bear the heat.

Half–stone fireplaces generally cost less and allow for a broader range of stone options. For more information about the types of stone that will suit your home building needs, please visit:

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