Why Should You Consider Using Stone Designs for Your Home?

13 May 2015

Go out to the woods, the forest, the dessert or the prairie, and there is a deep sense of peace that permeates your soul. That’s nature. So when it comes to home style and décor you, one of the most popular trends is to bring the outside in, and the easiest way to do that is with natural stone. So whether you decide on integrating a rustic fireplace, adding stone accents to a kitchen or bath, it’s this that will add that elegance, that decorative perfection we all want to achieve. This is why we’ve decided to add a few suggestions for decorating your home with natural stone.

Strong Finishes on ceilings and floors work well with natural stone. This gives the room a nice rustic and natural finish, but it also offers an elegant and expensive look. A good place to use stone in this way might be for flooring, such as in the use of flagstone, boulders to add an aesthetic finish to fireplaces or rive rock for exterior walls.

Stone is Relaxing

Today the use of stone is common in relaxing areas such as upscale spas, lofts or even bathrooms, as experts now say natural stone has the power to relax. It seems reminiscent of natural environments such as streams, rivers and other areas. Rock or stone tile works well in bathrooms on flooring, backsplashes and even against walls for shower enclosures. Some decorators even look for stone options for sinks and bathtubs.

Stone offers an Elegant Feel

Rock and stone is a symbol of royalty and of beauty. It is reminiscent of affluence, a time of castles and nobles, and today, its use in modern and minimalistic architecture brings beauty to your interiors. Create wall, fireplaces and shelving from different types of stone finishes.

Use it To Transform Exteriors and Accent Luxurious Interiors.

There is always a nice interplay between a very rustic exterior and a luxurious and soft interior. Rock and stone can give that rough outer look that softens as it comes inside. This is the same principle when stone is used on a mattle or a fireplace. Entry foyers can use stone walls and sculptures to lead and give entrance to simple beauty.

It Is Commanding

No one questions that stone finishes aren’t interesting and even commanding, yet they are also serene and soothing. Natural stone has great versatility and can either bring a room together, or isolate it and make it distinctive. Try using stone in different areas and notice how it makes you feel serene, it brings the outdoors in but in a very stylish way. Let us know what you think, and of course, whether you have some great design ideas for the use of stone in décor.

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