Why Should Your Garden Have Stone Retaining Walls?

09 December 2015

To say gardening is fun would be a gross understatement to those who till the land with their hands, to reap the rewards from their labour and love. No, gardening is not just ‘fun’, there are other benefits such as the satisfaction that comes from caring for the plants and soil, and then reaping the rewards for your efforts – vegetables, herbs and fruits. For most folks, a home garden is a little piece of… peace, from the outside world; a special place that can be protected by stone retaining walls.

Stone Retaining Walls Protect Your Little Piece of Peace

The earth moves in many mysterious ways; natural ways, such as from the wind and rain, especially during heavy rains. Fast moving water can easily carry or wash away much dirt, exposing plant root systems, which damage your garden plants. If you have an outdoor garden area, then you may benefit greatly by protecting it with a stone retaining wall. These are not only useful for keeping the soil in your garden from escaping, during heavy rains, but rock retaining walls are attractive as well.

Depending on the height you choose for your retaining wall, these specially constructed walls can also keep out small animals, and smarty defines the boundaries of your garden area, for those who may unknowingly venture into it. Thus, a retaining wall can protect your plants from unexpected and unintentional harm.

A Stone retaining wall – an Investment that adds elegance to your garden and at the same time adds appeal and value to your property. This material has a special quality that differentiates it from other materials. What is its special quality? Because these are stone retaining walls, they are low maintenance home improvement projects that will last as long as the stones that are used to build them. That is a long, long time.

Some of the quality stone types include Limestone, Sandstone, Granite and Bluestone, just to name a few; of these types of stones, limestone is probably the most diverse and it is utilised the most for outdoor boundary stone walls and retaining walls for gardens.

If your garden area is special to you, and you care about all your plants, then erecting a stone retaining wall just makes sense, especially if you live in an area where heavy rains occur or in a place where small animals roam free. Not to mention, that these are low maintenance home improvement projects that add value and appeal to your property, and they can last as long as the stones used to build them, which is a long, long time.

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